HERNDON, Va.., Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TrueTandem, LLC, a leading Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, announced that former Booz Allen Hamilton, CGI, and Microsoft consulting and sales director Michael Tembrina joined the executive leadership team as the company’s Vice-President, Strategy and Operations.

In his new role, Michael will play a critical role in leading, designing, and implementing TrueTandem’s next phase of business operations, revenue growth, and people strategies. Working alongside TrueTandem leadership team, Michael will report to Owner and Partner Steve Breiseth, Partner, TrueTandem, LLC. “Michael’s experience and success in managing project operations and technical solutions across both government and enterprise commercial domains, commitment to ensuring customer success, and ability to coach and manage a diverse organization is what we need to continue to grow. These are all essential components of our ability to meeting current and future business and customers’ mission needs,” said Breiseth.  “His expertise is an invaluable asset as we grow to meet our customer’s needs and enhance our people initiatives, but also deepen the customer success we’re bringing to our client engagements,” said Jim Treacy, Owner and Partner, TrueTandem, LLC.

Prior to joining TrueTandem, Michael worked at Microsoft as a customer success director, managing a team of Azure cloud architects in the Washington, DC/Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and Boston metropolitan areas. He also previously spent nearly six years at CGI, where he led consulting services, delivery, and business development. The majority of Michael Tembrina’s career included almost 14 years with Booz Allen Hamilton. In that time, he has progressively provided leadership in a variety of roles from systems analyst, project manager, program/account manager and team leader. “It’s an exciting opportunity to join such a dynamic, growth-focused Microsoft partner with a history of success since 2009,” Michael said. “I’m excited to work alongside TrueTandem’s owners and talented leadership team and I look forward to being a change agent for our customers and employees—to spearhead operational changes and growth strategies that elevate both our people and our customers.”

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Microsoft Partnership

TrueTandem was created in 2004 to be the federal partner that did not exist in the Microsoft partner ecosystem. With half of our management team and many of our key consultants being former Microsoft employees, the relationship continues to run wide and deep.

Since 2004, TrueTandem has successfully primed nearly 300 federal engagements, across almost all federal Agencies, with Microsoft as a teaming partner. In addition, TrueTandem serves as a subcontractor to Microsoft as part of their Orange Badge program.

TrueTandem’s ability to evolve and grow with Microsoft is a key part of how we unlock technologies’ potential for our customers. We are constantly on the leading edge of new Microsoft offerings. TrueTandem stays on top of what is coming and helps translate that to our customers to meet their existing and future needs.

TrueTandem’s Microsoft credentials serve as a testament of our success, experience, and capabilities. TrueTandem is:

• One of Microsoft’s US Public Sector’s most trusted partners;
• One of only two certified small businesses with a designation of Microsoft US Public Sector, Tier 1 Managed Partner, a classification usually reserved for large integrators;
• Among the Top Small Business Prime Contractors to Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and Premier Support;
• Among the largest Microsoft Services Resellers in the US Public Sector;
• Repeatedly Recognized by Microsoft for Experience, Capabilities, and Quality Performance;
• A top 10 Preferred Partner Program Provider; and
• A Microsoft Small Business Partner of the Year.

TrueTandem holds Microsoft Gold Level Competency in Microsoft SharePoint Portals and Collaboration. TrueTandem holds Microsoft Silver Level Competency in Microsoft Application Development and Cloud Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

TrueTandem is a Certified Microsoft Software Assurance Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS) Provider, a Certified Software Assurance SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) Provider, and a Certified Microsoft US Public Sector Preferred Services Partner.

TrueTandem follows a keep is simple approach when providing solutions for our customers. We have 2 types of resources we enlist when creating a software solution - Business Analysts & Developers. This approach keeps the number of cooks in the kitchen minimal and covers the varying skill sets required to complete any software project.

  • TrueTandem’s project approach:
    Understanding the customer’s goals, business processes, and requirements. Depending on the type of project we may incorporate prototyping practices to drive discussion and confirm understanding with the customer. We believe a project cannot be won in the requirements phase but can be lost.
  • Providing a scalable and reusable solution design / architecture that will allow for longevity of the solution and place less risk on the project during its development. This includes working with the customer on plans for development, testing, and production environments.
  • Develop & Test against the requirements! Break the solution into components and subcomponents. Develop and test in incremental fashion until the full solution is complete.
  • Support user acceptance testing. Triage and resolve user identified issues.
  • Deploy the solution.
  • Provide support once deployed. Be available to support issues arising from deployment. Success is only achieved once deployed and stable!

We have proven success using multiple system development lifecycles. Namely:

  • Agile Software Development
  • Waterfall Software Development
  • Best of Breed Software Development

Lastly, to ensure the project stays on time, on target, and on budget, TrueTandem follows practices resulting from our corporate certifications. These include:

  • CMMI III - Development
  • ISO 9001:2015