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Modernize Legacy Infrastructure (Digital Transformation)

We help some of the most well known companies, nonprofits and Federal agencies in the United States modernize their legacy applications and infrastructure.

Helping the IRS solve complex issues stemming from enterprise business audit management every day.


Gold Certified in CRM and SharePoint

A long standing Microsoft Gold Certified partner in Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, TrueTandem is a trusted provider to help leverage Dynamics CRM or SharePoint platforms to gather and manage business data for your organization.

Agile Development Methodology

We use Agile methodology as a lightweight framework to manage evolving functional and technical requirements, while maintaining a focus on the rapid delivery of business value.

Pre-Built Solutions

We have built specific solutions in a number of areas that can be tailored for any organization including Grants Management, Learning Management, Case Management,
Sales Automation and Customer Service.

How We Work

TrueTandem is a trusted partner for keeping critical infrastructure systems and technologies available and running at optimum levels. We understand the technology and pride ourselves on learning our clients’ business. With those two factors, we are able to ensure systems are running in a way that gets business done. We are proud to be helping businesses and not-for-profit organizations leverage technology to best serve their mission and further their primary business drivers.

TrueTandem works with your organization to understand your business requirements, your data, and most importantly your demand to meet your business goals. By understanding these parameters, we create a solution that fits your business.

Throughout our history, we have helped our clients implement technology solutions that:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce the cost of operations
  • Provide key information to the people and groups that need it



The site was created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and displays information about the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board’s activities as well as data related to the $840 billion stimulus bill and information about the distribution and spending of Hurricane Sandy funds.

Working with the management team, TrueTandem created the evaluation criteria for the review of cloud-based solutions. The team implemented the chosen solution and now works on the day-to-day system architecture to ensure availability as well as providing optimization and maintenance services to continually improve the function of the site with to meet future needs.

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