Solutions | Learning Management

Whether the classroom is virtual, a large lecture hall, or a small room with students gathered around a single table, today’s learning environment is wired. TrueTandem works with institutions and organizations to centralize the data and applications needed to manage students, courses, classes, and certifications into a single framework. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/XRM platform, the leading data relationship management platform, our Learning Management System works across student and instructor needs.

Student Management encompasses:

  • Course registration
  • Course results
  • Evaluations
  • Transcripts
  • Invoicing
  • Certfication/program tracking


Instructor Management encompasses:

  • Course qualifications
  • Costing
  • Scheduling
  • Student evaluations

Combining data, the detailed reporting, and automated business processes and interfaces our system enables a 360 degree view of enrollment, staffing, and resources.


Marine Institute (MITAGS)

4830463_300The Marine institute is the primary training organization for people working on commercial shipping vessels. With existing systems they could not track students across their two campuses, had little visibility into course/class utilization, and no integration with other enterprise systems.  As a result the organization struggled with course/class optimized scheduling, a complete view of each student and instructor.

TrueTandem’s solution now enables MITAGS to track all students in terms of their classes, course history, and program/certification status. The system models out the costs associated with courses (teacher fee, room fee) enabling the institute to keep track of the profitability of courses. Each course certification/approval date is tracked, ensuring that the course catalog is accurate and certified.  Finally, the system now integrates with the organizations hotel booking system enabling a seamless process to arrange lodging when signing up for classes.


Management Concepts

gI_60339_Management ConceptsManagement Concepts is a private organization that provides a variety of training courses for the federal workforce. The organizations legacy learning management system was difficult to use and forced sales people into time consuming processes that slowed sales and impaired customer responsiveness.  They needed better integration between their outside sales, inside sales/customer support call center in order to students and organizations get registered for classes, faster with up to date information.

The TrueTandem solution allows call center operators to quickly locate student records and pull up the needed information to get them registered for the right courses quickly. The new system eliminates the duplication of data collection efforts that had hampered both the company and registrants.  The system enabled sales people to quickly assemble sales quotes and generate standardized quotes/proposal for presentation to customers quickly.  Since all data for the quotes came from the system, all interested parties could easily see the state of sales to forecast revenue and course demand.  Integration with the financial system allows course registrations to be pushed to the accounting system, eliminating any guess work on the state of sales and accounts receivable.  All data is collected in real-time within the CRM interface and written to the appropriate systems of record in real-time ensuring that all systems are in sync immediately.