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TrueTandem helps clients leverage CRM solutions to meet the specific needs of their organization and workflow.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/XRM platform, the leading business platform for extensible data relationship management, our Case Management Accelerator consolidates back office and front office activities in one platform for better tracking, monitoring, and reporting. The Case Management Accelerator is a solution for managing all aspects and data related to your case management needs.  This business process solution allows any complex business process to be modeled, executed, and tracked seamlessly.  Easy to understand dashboards and reports provide views into progress and results in every step of the process.

Client Examples

World Justice Project

1002438_10151753695452813_1107664190_aWorld Justice Project is an independent, non-profit organization that seeks to engage leaders in countries across the globe and from all work disciplines to advance the rule of law. The organization does an annual survey of people across the globe to determine the state of justice in their country.

TrueTandem built a CRM solution that integrates with inbound and outbound email to track the respondents’ status. Incoming responses are routed to systems for analysis and reporting.  The resulting solution allows the organization to complete their annual survey faster, with less manual work, and with greater confidence in the data.


Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board LogoThe site was created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and displays information about the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board’s activities, as well as data related to the $840 billion stimulus bill and information about the distribution and spending of Hurricane Sandy funds.

TrueTandem built a case management solution that tracks all funded projects through their lifecycle including the amount of time the project takes, where it is in the approval process, and marks the sign off and release date. This full lifecycle tracking helps the organization better manage projects by providing some standard benchmarks for the completion of projects. Managers can now more quickly flag a project that may be in trouble based on its metrics as compared to the desired metrics.