Planning and Visualization

It’s common knowledge that successful solutions incorporate people, process and technology – but somehow getting it all aligned is not as easy as it sounds. True Tandem has over a decade of experience helping both government and commercial enterprises to develop and execute a solution that allow you to focus on your business. It's critical to get the requirements right.

How we do it: Our planning methodology includes a Visualization of the system to be built. This provides stakeholders with a dynamic picture of how the system will look, feel and operate. All in an easy-to-edit package and without code being written.

What You Receive:

Detailed requirements document


Project plan with line-item pricing


Organizational buy-in: True Tandem’s planning methodology ensures that the application is designed with buy-in form all stakeholders. Visualization gives users a 360-degree view of the proposed solution before any development takes place.

Contained Cost: Our Assessment and Visualization is a fixed priced offering that guarantees you are able to stay within your budget and actually receive the deliverable you desire. Our team of project and client engagement managers ensure that customer satisfaction is met which is why 100% of our Assessment and Visualization customers engage us for future custom development deliverables. Learn more about the work we are doing.