Management Consulting

managementconsultingTrueTandem understands that government agencies and commercial organizations alike are under significant pressure to reduce costs while improving services. The calls for “doing more with less” have never been louder.

Our Management Consulting services help our clients optimize the performance and efficiency of the people, processes, and technologies that support their missions. We deliver services and solutions that will improve performance, reduce costs and enhance capabilities.

Our specific Management Consulting services include:

Program and Project Management
Even the best planned programs and projects can face scope, schedule and resource challenges. TrueTandem helps clients keep their programs and projects on track by managing to specific budget, schedule, and performance milestones and measures. Our approach is based on Project Management Institute (PMI) standards and reflects our experience delivering these services in support of government and industry clients. Our team members are Project Management Professionals (PMP) and deeply experienced with Microsoft Project and SharePoint.

Process Improvement
Your business can change at any time based on new mission requirements or shifting budget priorities. TrueTandem designs new processes that enable clients to meet their missions and deploys process improvements that streamline operations to save money. Our proven approach is effective even with complex business processes involving both functional interdependencies and intersections with technology. We understand the business of your mission and how collaborative technologies, in particular, can help you achieve new efficiencies.

Organization Design
TrueTandem assesses organizational structures based on the relationships between tasks, processes, roles, responsibilities, and authorities to ensure that they are supporting program objectives. We then propose design changes that will optimize the performance and efficiency of people, processes and technologies. We can also help clients integrate new operations resulting from larger agency reorganizations. A well-designed organization helps people do their jobs better. One that is poorly-designed only creates frustration.

Stakeholder Engagement
Getting everyone on board with a shared vision can be critical to program success, but is often difficult to achieve. TrueTandem works with clients to develop proactive strategies to inform and engage stakeholders to gain their commitment and support. Our approach is built around our clients’ vision. We map key stakeholders into prioritized groups, establish goals based on what each group needs to know or do, and then deliver clear messages that articulate the benefits of taking the desired action.