Custom Development

Looking to migrate to Office 365 or take your outdated system to Azure? TrueTandem’s team can help.

If you are looking to replace a legacy system, create a platform to integrate existing applications, or build a custom solution from the ground up, TrueTandem’s team is here to help.  Recent projects include:

  • Creating the Judging System for an International Science Fair.
  • Building a multi-tenant Martial Arts Schools Management System.
  • Developing an FDA drug-approval processing application.
  • Rebuilding a rating tracking system for a broadcaster, which we originally built 12 years ago.
  • Moving an association credentialing system to a new online portal.

    TrueTandem’s Fixed Price Plan/Build Methodology ensures that before one line of code is written your Stakeholders know exactly what will be delivered, the project schedule, and the cost.

    Already have requirements defined? TrueTandem will meet with you to review current documentation and understand the work ahead.  After verifying requirements and cost estimates, we’ll be able to give you a complete estimate of effort and cost based on your desired deliverables.