Cloud Migration

TrueTandem’s Cloud expertise extends from architecting operations of private clouds, securely connecting to public clouds, and designing and managing hybrid environments that have multiple clouds as part of an organization’s infrastructure. Our current work includes:

Productivity solutions based on SharePoint and Azure
Looking to migrate to Office 365 or take your outdated system to Azure?  TrueTandem’s team can help.

Application Interface Design and Operation
We can design, develop and implement your critical business systems interfaces. With both pre-built and custom API’s for CRM and SharePoint, we allow organizations to stand up new systems quickly and leverage existing systems.

Support and Adoption
Once you are up and running, we aren’t going to leave you behind.  TrueTandem is supporting thousands of customers who are deployed across the US and abroad, offering 24x7 support as well as on-going training and strategic re-alignments as needed.