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Application Modernization

FPO-appintegrationOur clients have legacy applications that can no longer scale to meet their needs. Our team works with clients to update these systems and customize them to meet business needs for today and the future. Our modern solutions better leverage investments in existing technology and bring custom-built applications up to modern, interoperable standards.

We bring a specialized expertise in SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions as well as a wealth of experience in modernizing custom solutions.

Our expertise includes:

Our Success

U.S. Army Reserves

usarmyThe United States Army Reserves provides trained, equipped, and ready Soldiers and cohesive units to meet the global requirements across the full spectrum of operations.

The Army Reserves had over 150 different applications to mange a variety of operational functions including managing civilian personnel, conducting security audits, tracking tasking across multiple commands, and measuring the ability to deploy soldiers. All of these applications had been built over the years by a number of different contractors. None of the applications could easily “talk” to one another and accessing all of these stovepiped systems was a logistical nightmare.

The TrueTandem team came in and assessed all of the applications and worked to reduce the sheer number of applications needed, eliminating extensive duplication of effort. Remaining applications are re-tooled to meet modern standards and then migrated to a SharePoint environment to allow for a single point of access and easier communication between apps. This complex migration happens with four applications at a time.

To date, 35 applications have been moved into the new SharePoint system and the Army Reserves staff are already seeing a tremendous uptick in productivity and effectiveness.


Annie E. Casey Foundation

SpLogo_AECFThe Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) makes grants to help states, cities, and neighborhoods create innovate and responsive programs and solutions to support disadvantaged children.

AECF was managing their grants through a number of different paper and electronic systems, none of which could meet the growing needs of the organization on its own. Even with multiple systems, it was still difficult to get a clear picture of the grant pipeline, see where a particular grant was in the process, and report on program progress.

TrueTandem’s Grants Management solution enabled the entire grants management system to be automated. The TrueTandem solution allows the AECF grants management team to:

  • Automate the planning of its annual grant budget
  • Initiate and track a grant through its entire process while providing reporting along every step
  • Provide executive leadership with better insights into the Foundation’s finances resulting in a more improved and efficient distribution of funds.
  • Integrate the grant process from initial application through the creation of check request with back office accounting system



Gannett_LogoGanett is a leading media and marketing solutions company that reaches millions of people every day through digital, mobile, broadcast and print media. TrueTandem is building solutions to help Gannett better manage the workflow of their digital products. Our team of .Net developers are building a workflow solution through the organization’s jira technology suite.