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Cloud Orchestration

The Cloud is everywhere. From a point productivity solution, to outsourced infrastructure services, to hybrid solutions in-between, the many choices and options available in/on today’s Cloud are staggering. Orchestrating how an organization makes the most of today’s cloud is critical to both operational excellence and cost containment.


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Just like any symphony if one part of your team is out of tune the entire performance is ruined. Turn to TrueTandem to help orchestrate your Cloud.


cloudTrueTandem’s Cloud expertise extends from architecting operations of private clouds, securely connecting to public clouds, and designing and managing hybrid environments that have multiple clouds as part of an organization’s infrastructure.

Many business users do not know that most productivity systems are supported by multiple underlying technology services and with TrueTandem’s Cloud Orchestration help they may never know!  From single sign on authentication, to workflow services in the cloud, to data analytics connections, todays systems have the ability to connect and talk to multiple clouds to enhance productivity. Orchestrating these “services” and operationalizing them is part of TrueTandem’s deep and varied skill set.


Cloud Consulting
TrueTandem can help you make the decisions on how and where to best leverage The Cloud.

Connect to The Cloud
How do you leverage today’s technologies to securely authenticate and connect to private and public clouds? We bring a strong experience and expertise in developing HSPD-12 Single Sign-on solutions, earning and maintaining FISMA Certifications, and supporting ongoing security operations

Application Interface Design and Operation
We can design, develop and implement your critical business systems interfaces. With pre-built API’s for both CRM and SharePoint, to custom built APIs we allow organizations to stand up new systems quickly and leverage existing systems. Saving time and money as older functionality is retired.

Infrastructure Optimization and Operations
Our team is a trusted partner for keeping critical infrastructure systems and technologies available and running at optimum levels.

Cloud Based Solutions
TrueTandem has developed turnkey solutions for Business Process Management systems that can be easily customized to meet individual client needs and run in the cloud. Our solutions include:

  • Grants Management
  • Learning Management
  • Case Management